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New Jeevan Rakshak Patch - A Life Changing Business Opportunity And Franchise Offer

Hello friends, we welcome you to India’s most famous and ISO certified company, Opera Hi -Tech Pvt. Ltd. where today we are providing you with a golden opportunity to acquire franchise of our newest product i.e. New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. Using which you can earn Rs 100000 to Rs 500000 in one month or even more than that. With minimum investment and legal documentations ( agreement ) you can get numerous benefits from our product. Let us know more about the business.

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Introduction Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch

Opera Hi – Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the first company ever to launch New Jeevan Rakshak Patch in India. This product is beneficial for every mobile user because of its security purpose. What really is New Jeevan Rkashak Patch? New Jeevan Rkashak Patch is made from special materials , minerals and German technology and is 28 mm round in shape and 2 mm in thickness. It has 1 to 2500 negative power ( negative energy ) ions and these negative ions are resposible for blocking radiation with the help of electromagnetic fluctuation. Thus proving health benefits to human being. It is experimented in different nations where scientists had work day and night to prove its worth. Every individual can make use of it and can get benefited. It is made using German technology which enabled us to introduce it in India and make our users aware of it. Let us know benefits of negative ions , negative power , negative energy on human body and its consequences.

Benefits Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch To Mobile User

New Jeevan Rakshak Patch has special materials, minerals and negative ions and is made using advance technology. Due to which impact of electromagnetic radiations ( coming out from mobile phones ) on human brains get reduce to 96.43%. New Jeevan Rakshak Patch increases backup standby time of mobile battery from 0.5 to 2 , reduces headache which is caused due to negative ions radiation ,minimizes risk of cancer due to negative ions mobile radiations , reduces heating up of mobile phones , saves mobile charging time from 0 to 50% , increases life and service of rechargeable batteries by 1 – 2 times. New Jeevan Rakshak Patch has 1 to 25000 negative ions present in it that helps in maintaining health safety of an individual by providing efficiency to fight for various diseases and sufferings. The main reason behind maintenance of health is beacuse New Jeevan Rkashak Patch has negative ions which increase metabolism of human being thus making him competent by increasing its work efficiency. It help by generating focus and making an individual efficient in its work. Negative ions helps in maintaining balance between muscles in human body and their coordination. People with cardio-vascular diseases and high blood pressure can make use of this product as negative ions present in it help by maintaining normal blood pressure level. Negative ions also help in increasing oxygen level in blood and maintains circulatory system. Negative ions are helpful for lungs too by increasing their efficiency. These were some of the benefits and there are several more to the user of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. At last it also increases appearance of your mobile phone.


New Jeevan Rakshak Patch, A Multi Beneficiary Product

Absolutely friends, along with mobile phones you can also use it onto your other electronic gadgets available at home. It can minimise electromagnetic radiations coming out of devices thus giving safer environment to live :- mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers :- can put 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch below the screen of these device, laptop :- front side, below the screen place one piece of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch in the centre, vacuum cleaner :- place 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakhak Patch above the handle toaster :- place one piece in  centre by moving below the front side of the device, TV :- place 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch (one above in the centre and one below in the centre of the screen), refrigerator :- place 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch (one above in the centre and one below in the centre of the front side), microwave :- place 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch (one above in the left corner and one below in the right corner), game station :- place 2 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch , one above console and other below the unit, hair dresser :- anywhere place one piece of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch, automobile :- one at driver’s dashboard and one at back side, place 2 such pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. These were few electronics product where New Jeevan Rakshak Patch can be applied to minimize the consequences of harmful radiations coming out of electronic gadgets.

Warranty Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch

Our New Jeevan Rakshak Patch hold replacement warranty of 2 years. Life of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch is approximately 5 years. Its high class product imported qulity

Price/ Value/ Cost Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch

Price in wholesale :- Rs 150 + 27 gst per item ; Maximum sales value :- Rs 599 /- per item. Its Really top profitable business with low investment join today and start making money

How To Sell New Jeevan Rakshak Patch? Selling Strategy

Friends, as we all know that there are billions of mobile users in India hence it is not difficult to sell this product in our present market. You can sell New Jeevan Rakshak Patch to all the mobile users. There are many ways for product sale but we’ll provide you with most convenient and easiest way to sell your product using very simple formula. You can sell this product to every mobile vendor , mobile accessories vendor and mobile recharge vendor in your district. For example :- One whole district ( include administrative divisions such as block / tehsil / mandal ) consist of mobile vendors / mobile accessories vendors and mobile recharge vendor in approximation of 500 who can provide you with astonishing deal and product sale. But we move with strategy of dealing with only 200 dealers in single district. First of all what you have to do? Your very first step will be to appoint one or two (boy / girl) as sales executive and remember they must hold experience in this field. Where and how will you search marketing sales executive? You will post an advertisement in your district newspaper about vacancy for two people (Wanted Marketing Sales Executive, Post :- 01 , Salary :- 000). Using this technique you can easily hire these people and appoint them on job as per their experience level. People with more experience will be hired and will be provided with salary accordingly. Second step is to make these executives aware about product by mentioning them every detail of it such as its composition , usage , benefits , etc. then later you will ask them to visit vendors and dealers. Now, these newly appointed marketing sales executive will give product presentation to all the mobile phone dealers / vendors , mobile accessories vendors and mobile recharge vendors present in your district. They will introduce product to them, commence product’s details and tell about the benefits a user can gain using this product. They will present a demo and will notify dealers with every precautions and information. It is very important to know that these appointed sales executives are major element for attracting vendors for your business as they are initiators and implementers of your marketing strategy. After influencing vendors, sales executives will ask for their demands and place their order accordingly. As per customer’s needs and requirements executives will provide them with the product. Now let us count your one month’s product sale. Though your district has 500 vendors but we will work for only 200 at a time according to our strategy. We’ll have calculation for 200 dealers only. So, now there are only 200 vendors in your district that are using your product. If one vendor sell about 30 Jeevan Rakshak Patch in one month that means our calculation will go as 200 (vendors) x 30 (pieces) per month = 6000 pieces will be sold in one month. This signifies that in one month if one vendor will sell at-least 30 pieces then also 200 vendors will result in sale of 6000 pieces of Jeevan Rakshak Patch in minimum. Now let us calculate profit of these sales. Your buying cost of Jeevan Rakshak Patch is Rs 150 + 27 GST and you have only marked Rs 50 of profit on single product, we can assume it. Now 6000 pieces are sold in one month with Rs 50 on each piece :- 6000 x 50 = 300000. Yes, my friend this is true. Your one month income will be Rs 300000. Now you have to remove expense / overhead. First is salary of marketing sales executives Rs 20,000 and marketing expense which will be around :- Rs10,000. Deduct this 30000 Rs from your profit, you will still  be left with an income of 270000 per month. You can earn more than 270000 per month friends by dealing with New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. You can also use salesman to sell this product which is again very convenient to do. Agent , dealer , marketing team can also be used for sale. You can make sale from city to city by establishing your canopy.

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Q. How Can We Sell New Jeevan Rakshak Patch On Online Platforms Such As Snapdel, Ebay?

A. Yes, you can now easily make purchases using online platform as per policies of the company. Online seller will provie you New Jeevan Rakshak Patch for amount of Rs 599 + Rs 50 shipping charges. You can list in Rs 649 and sale can be made in Rs 649 only. You cannot make online sale of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch below amount of Rs 649.

Q. Who can take franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch? What norms are associated with it? What documents are needed?

A. Every Indian candidate who is above 18 years of age is eligible for franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. You need of aadhar card / PAN card / voter ID / two current passport size photographs.

Q. Is it necessary to have GST number/ / or personal office while opting for franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch?

A. It is not necessary to have GST number / personal office for franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch. Every individual / or person is eligible for franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch.

Q. At the time of franchise does company sign any legal agreement? Do they provide certificate?

A. Yes, franchise of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch is carried out with legal agreement and procedures. Authorised vendor is certified by company as per norms and regulations to maintain certain standards.

Q. Does company provide material for marketing after franchising of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch?

A. Absolutely friends. After franchise for New Jeevan Rakshak Patch, company will provide you with materials for marketing such as soft copy of banner / soft copy of pamphlets / soft copy of stickers for shops / Billing proforma either through Whatsapp or Email ID. You can generate its copy in black and white or colour, as per your requirements. Many authorised vendors can create rubber stamp too if needed.

Investment For New Jeevan Rakshak Patch’s Authorised Franchise

Platinum Package:-  Investment of Rs 10,0000 for a single district:-  Both urban and rural + certificate and agreement. If you want to have authorised franchise of whole district then you will need to buy platinum package for amount Rs 100000. Under this package, company will provide you with 562 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshk Patch and authorised franchise of your city as well. You will receive certificate and a legal agreement. With this you will be the sole operator in your city and no one else will be appointed by company.

Diamond Package:-  Investment amount Rs 50,0000 for a metropolis area. Under this package company will provide you with business opportunity in most populous metropolis area. Example :- Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. are the places where you will be dealing alone in both of their urban and rural areas + certificate and agreement. If you want franchise of these metropolis areas you need to buy diamond package from company worth Rs 5 lacs. Using this you will be provided with 2810 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch and authorised franchise of city with legal agreement and certificate. No other person will be appointed by company to deal in your area.

Open Package:- Investment amount Rs 20000, the company will give you 112 pieces of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch till your district is empty till any person (more than one) can buy an order from open company and sell it to his district. Can be The person who will buy from the Platinum package company will be the first person to make the authorized seller's own cell, and if the authorized seller sells the district, then no package or product company will be able to give it to anyone in that district.

Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector (Metre) :- Cost / Price:- Rs 5000 + 900 gst + 100 shipping total 6000 R.S

For More Information Please Call:- 09561405999 ( 09:00 AM To 10:00 PM )

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Price And Use Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector (Meter)

Price of Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector:- 5000 /- Rs  , Warranty:- No Warranty , Size of Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector:- Screen Size : 1.3 , Power Supply : 1.5V, 2 LR44 Button Battery , Dimensions :- 80mm length (L) 30mm width (W) 10mm height (H) ,  Weight : 90g LCD Display: max. Reading  :- 1999, Colour :- White ,  Note :- Before using Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector you must read details mentioned on packaging or watch video available on our website. With Jeevan Rakshak Patch Ions Detector you can show live count of ions to customer / vendor. This detector can count ions from 1 to 1999. It also shows negative ions count in Jeevan Rkashak Patch / approximate digit. After showing demo to customer /  vendor immediately switch off the detector first scan / Wait for few sec (15-20 seconds) after demo second scan . Never scan detector with any other metal or metallic element as it consist of high sensitive sensor which can get destroyed. As there is no warranty of detector therefore usage must be made with care to make it run for longer time period. If there is problem in display of detector such as no visibility may be because of low power / battery. Detector has LR 44 number 2 button battery which is used in various other instruments such as wall watch , hand watch. You can purchase its battery, 100 rs for 2, from your local seller dealing with these instruments and can replace it watching video available on our website.

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How To Apply For Franchise Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch? First Step

Friends, you can apply for franchise in New Jeewan Rakshak Patch using two ways. The first method is by making online payment and later depositing in bank. Second method is by directly coming to company’s head office with a scheduled appointment where you will be provided with agreement copy and product as well.

How To Make Online Payment For New Jeevan Rakshak Patch?

For online payment you can place your order here using our website and select ‘By Now’ option which will provide with numerous packages. Select any package as per your requirements. You will be further directed to our Payment Gateway. You can use debit card / or credit card / or internet banking for making payment. This process will be completed in few minutes while conveniently sitting at home. There is one more option for payment which can be made to our current account using NEFT / RTGS / IMPS or cheque (process will start only after deposit of cheque).

What Steps Are To Followed After Online Payment For Franchise Of New Jeevan Rakshak Patch And Steps Afterwards?

If you make payment using payment gateway on our website then you will receive ‘order ID’ in return which will be asked by us while further processing. If you make payment using RTGS / NEFT / IMPS then you will receive ‘transaction ID’ or ‘transaction number’ in return. If you make payment using bank then you will receive a receipt which will again be asked by us for further processing. Using any of the three methods you need to send poof to our Email ID:- or you can send using Whatsapp:- 09561405999. After receiving proofs company will contact you immediately and processing will be initiated.

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Facility In Having Agreement At Company’s Head Office

We provide customers with the facility of agreement at our head office too. You can arrive our head office as per the appointment and apply for agreement. You need to bring documents aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, two passport size photographs (latest and not more than one month) and one large size travelling bag. For payment, you can either opt of cash payment which is to be made at our office’s counter or online payment (via debit or credit card) for authentication of immediate agreement. In return you will be provided with product agreement copy as a proof. You can also have live demo of product in the office premises to have more idea about it. All these steps will be completed within one hour of time.

Address Of Company’s Head office And Nearby Railway Station

Opera Hi Tech Pvt. Ltd., Bypass Kinhi Road Raje Sambhaji Nagar, city Karanja District – Washim, Maharashtra pin code:- 444105; Telephone 07256 – 222883 (10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM)

Nearby Railway Station:- BD = BADNERA Railway Station is 60 km away from head office / AK = AKOLA Railway Station is 70 km away from head office/ WHM =WASHIM Railway Station is 65 km away from head office 65/ NGP = NAGPUR Railway Station is 250 km away from head office/ CSTM = MUMBAI Railway Station is 650 km away from head office.

No Security Deposit / No Processing Fees / No Hidden Charges

Yes friends, our company, Opera Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. never ask for security deposit, processing fees, hidden charges, agreement charges from any of its applicant. We only demand fair price which is associated with product and nothing else. Thus giving you real customer experience by maintaining our standards.

A Warm Welcome By Opera Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd To The Introduction Of The Opera Hi-Tech Top Protection System

We notice that occurrence of criminal incidents has increased. Thus security is now a roof of debate. CCTV has many drawbacks. It is beneficial after the occurrence criminal activity. It provides no security before the occurrence of crime. A device is designed by us by the use of which you can stop criminal activities like theft, crime, fire, gas blast, park carriage theft, theft by getting in through glass break etc. This device is quite affordable. A warranty of 12 months and free on-call support is also provided by us. Video guide and Hindi booklet which will help you with the application of this product is also rendered. This device can be installed in houses, shops, offices, hotels showrooms and other places. This tool comprises of a high-class Leon battery which even works after system failure for a reasonable time. We will learn about the operation of this device later. You can control this device by SMS. You can turn on or turn off this device anytime by SMS. You can control this device with a remote control as well. You can install 50 indicator in this system. So let's protect your place right now. Its really profitable small business to start in low investment and competitors free.

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Be A Distributor | Dealer | Sailor | Wholesaler Of Opera Hi-Tech Top Protection System And Make Lakh’s  Of INR Per Month.

Greetings from the Indian Government Recognised, ISO Certified Company. We give you a golden opportunity to become our Dealer / Seller / Distributor /Retailer / Wholesaler in India. If you'll grab this chance you will earn up to 10 Lakh rupees per month if you abide by our business ideas from home. 50% will be your product commission. You have got the opportunity to be a distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler of Opera Hi-tech Top Protection System in any state of India. You can set up and set about your business empire and earn lacs of rupees per month by following through these small business ideas for home. If you are inquisitive of being a Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler, you can pay a visit to company's head office hereafter you can make a purchase of Opera Hi-tech Top Protection System Products. On the other hand, you can buy it by depositing of Rs.85000 in the bank account of the company and placing the order. The product will be delivered to the address you want. After making the payment, you have to scan the payment proof ( transaction ID/deposit slip) and send it with your full name, mobile number and address to the office Email ID of the company-

Our team will immediately verify your payment and your order will be sent off by Indian Speed Post within 3 office days. You will be notified, receive consignment tracking number. You will be capable of establishing your own small business from home within a week. What are the selling procedures for a distributor /dealer / seller / retailer/ wholesaler of  Top Protection System Limited? You have to sell this product to your market, at your base and Door to Door, Shop to Shop and Person to Person operation has to be followed. This way you can earn a great amount of income from this business from home. Profit Calculation of Earnings of a Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler are as follows:- For Rs. 85000 we will give you 10 Digital Security Product Kits with a cost price of Rs.8500 each. You can sell a kit in the market at a market price of Rs.15000. if you want test your local market respond then order sample set order and test market we have sure this product have strong demand in india. The kit comprises of 2 remote controls, 1 power adapter, 1 cylinder, 1 control panel, 2 gap indicator, 1 positions indicator and 1 fire indicator. This kit is ideal for a multi-setter shop, home, warehouse, office, hotel etc. After you become the seller, you will be the only seller in your district. For further quires feel free to contact us :  07038890939

How does Opera Hi-tech Top Protection System work?

Positions Indicator:- If invasion occurs in your house, shop, office, hotel or godown then it  informs the control panel is informed by the Positions Indicator and then the control panel calls you and the siren rings at the place. By this, the incident can be prevented from happening. You can also use this device to vigilante the car parking outside. Or you can install it anywhere you sense the need of limit people from entering an area.

Gap Indicator:- In this device, one part of the device binds to the door and the other part binds to the wall. If a slight difference of about 2 inches in the gap is observed, the door window shutter indicates the device control panel after which it calls you and sends you an SMS and the siren rings at the place.

Fire Indicator: - If your home, shop, office or hotel mingle with the flames, the fire device detects the smoke and dust emitted and informs the control panel instantaneously the control panel immediately calls you and sends you SMS. The siren will also ring at the place. This way you can control the fire easily.

Gas Leakage Indicator: - If gas leakage occurs at your home or hotel the Gas Leakage Device observes the ordure of the gas and indicates the control panel which right away calls you and sends an SMS. The siren starts ringing at the place as well. This way you can cease the incident from occurring.

Power Control Relay Device:- This device helps you turn on or off any single phase electronic device in your home, shop or office by sending a single SMS. Majority of criminal activities happen only after you leave your house for a long period of time as the thieves understand by the closed lights in your house that the house is empty. Keeping the lights on at the day time will also be suspicious. By this device, you can turn on and switch off the lights according to your need. If you switch off the lights outside the shop as soon as morning rises, you can save money by reducing the electricity bill amount.

Richter indicator: - If the outer side of your house, shop or office is built of glass and someone breaks that glass, then the Glass Break Richter Device indicates the control panel and the control panel instantly calls you. The siren will also ring. By using it you can stop the incident from occurring.  We request you to call us and gather complete information before starting this business. You can order a sample set too. Call :07038890939

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product And Their Answers

Q: Is this product really effective?

Answer: Yes, it has undergone a lot of testing processes.

Q.: Explain its value for money.

A: Its value for money is way better than that of CCTV.

Question: How many Distributors / Dealers / Sellers / Retailers / Wholesaler can work in one district?

Answer: Only one distributor / dealer / seller / retailer / wholesaler.

Q: How much can I earn from this dealership?

Answer: You can easily earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month.

Q: Is this company ISO certified? And registered?

Answer- Yes, this company ISO certified and registered.

Q: Do you provide phone support?

Answer- Yes, we provide phone support.

Q: Can I do online transfer?

Answer: Yes you can do online transfer of funds.

Q: Is this company recognized by the bharat sarkar?

Answer: Yes, this company is recognized by the bharat sarkar. You can check all the company's certificates in the legal documents option.

Q: Where is the head office of the company?

Answer: The head office of the company is located at Kinhi road, raje Sambhaji Nagar, Karanja District, Washim (Maharashtra)

Q: Can we visit the company's office?

Answer: Yes, you can visit the company's head office from 3 am to 7 pm, we are happy to relationship with you..

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