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Welcome to our Opera Hi-tech Digital Security program

Thousands of crime incidents are happening daily. Hence security is a must concern now-a-days. Despite of having CCTV, we need something that provides us with pre-crime security, because CCTV alerts us only after the crime has occurred. With the help of the tool provided by us any crime can be prevented before occurrence. It is available at a reasonable rate and with 12 months warranty. The Leon battery works even after the system fails. A Hindi guide book is available guiding us about the usage of the product. It is easy to install in houses, showrooms, shops and offices. This system can be controlled with the help of SMS. A remote control is available and you can install 50 indicator in this system. Secure your place today. This product have one year full replacement warranty. Its low investment high Profitable Franchise


Want To Be A Distributor/ Dealer/ Seller/ Retailers/ Wholesaler / Of Opera Hi-Tech Digital Security And Make Lacs Of Rupee Per Month

Welcome to the Indian Government Recognized, ISO certified company, Opera Hi tech Private limited. With our opportunity to become dealer/ seller/ retailer/ wholesaler your monthly income can be 10 lakh rupees per month. The commission of the product will be 50%. You can easily become a distributor in any part of the country by depositing money Rs 100000 in the company account and then placing the order. You can earn lacs of rupees monthly. After making the payment you have to scan the payment proof with the full name, mobile number and address to the company email id: . You will receive the product within three working days. You can immediately sell the product to nearby areas, be it door to door and shop to shop. Profit calculations: For Rs.100000 INR , we will give you 10 Digital security product kits costing Rs. 10000 18% gst included. Market price of the Kit is Rs. 15000. It consists of two remote control, one power adapter, one cylinder, one control panel, two door windows shutter device and one positions devices and fire devices. This kit is appropriate for multi setter shop, home, office, godown, hotel, etc. if you want sure about demand in your local area then buy sample set first then test market you get high respond. its real Franchise India You will be the sole member to work in the district and no one else. For further information contact: 07038890939   


How does Opera security work?

Infrared device:- It informs you when someone tries to enter the house secretly. The motivation device informs the control panel, and the control panel enables to run the cycle immediately. This is absolutely perfect for keeping an eye on the area where you want the restriction of people’s entrance.

Window Door shutter device:- One part attached to the door and the other attached to the wall, even if there is 2 inches gap in the door, it is indicated within two minutes by SMS and the siren will start ringing and in this way you can easily prevent the occurrence of any theft.  

Fire Device:- If your house, shop, office, or hotel catches fire then it is notified by the device, as soon as the smoke and dust are emitted, it is informed by the control panel via the siren and it will start ringing. In this way fire can be controlled within time. 

Power Control Relay Device:- All sorts of burglaries take place, once you leave the house for a considerably long period, because of the darkness in the house indicating your absence in the house. Switching off the light in the morning period enables to reduce the electricity bill.

Glass brake device:- If your home is made up of glass from the outdoor, and if someone tries to break the glass, then the Glass Break Device is the ideal to inform you and the siren will start ringing at the place. This helps in stopping any incident from happening. (Not yet available, only available after stock). Please gather complete information before you start your business. Please order a sample set too.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: What is the process of becoming a Distributor / Dealer / Franchise / India Wholesaler of Opera Hi-tech Digital Security business?

Answer: You have to buy a bundle product of 10 sets of at least Rs. 100000 Or order sample set  of 15000 R.s only then start business

Q. How to make payment for becoming Opera Hi-tech Digital Security's Distributor / Dealer / Wholesaler?

Answer- click on order now page you find payment options or call us 07038890939

Question: How many Distributors / Dealers / Sellers / Retailers / Wholesaler can work in single district?

Answer: Only one distributor / dealer / seller / retailer / wholesaler work in single district.

Question: What is the price for per set of Opera Hi-tech Digital Security ? And how much will the Wholesaler get?

Answer: Opera Hi-tech Digital Security Set Price is Rs. 15000 and dealer, seller, distributor, wholesaler, Franchise India, will get it for Rs. 10000 only

Question: Is opera hi-tech pvt ltd is ISO certified also registered?

Answer- Yes, opera hi-tech pvt ltd is ISO certified also registered.

Question: After making payment and placing the order, when will the product be delivered?

Answer- After ordering, you will get the product within 4 official days.

Question: Can I buy the product by paying at your company office? Will I get the product immediately after the counter payment?

Answer: You can also purchase the product by making payment at the our office. Instant You will get the product right away

Question- Is opera hi-tech pvt ltd recognized by the Government of India?

Answer: Yes, opera hi-tech pvt ltd is recognized by the Government of India. You can see all the company's legal certificates in the legal documents.

Question: Where is the head office of the opera hi-tech pvt ltd?

Answer: The head office opera hi-tech pvt ltd is Kinhi road, Sambhaji Nagar, Karanja District, Washim (Maharashtra) helpline 07038890939

Question: Can we come to the opera hi-tech pvt ltd office?

Answer: Yes, you can visit the opera hi-tech pvt ltd head office from 11 am to 7 pm, except on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.


Its unique and high demand profitable franchise business ideas in india


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