Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment

Here Are High profit total 3 Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment

1] Top Security System. 2] Safe mobile Radiation Patch. 3] Digital body Checkers.

New Life Saving Patch Opportunity And Franchise Offer

Hello Friends Welcome To ISO Certified Govt Regd Company Opera Hi Tech Pvt Ltd Company Is Providing You New Life Saving Patch Franchise All Over India  From Which You Can Earn Rs 5 Lakh Or More Than Rs 1 Lakh In A Month. Let Us Know About The Full Business. Its Best Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment


Introduction To The New Life Saving Patch

For The First Time In India, The Opera Hi-Tech Private Limited Company Has Come To This New Life Saving Patch  This Will Be Called A Non-Competitive Product / Business. New Life Saving Patch  Is A Product That Is Very Important For All The Mobile Phone Users Of India. And Useful Is Going To Be Useful. What Is This New Life Saving Patch  ? The New Life Saving Patch  Is With A 28 Mm Round Shape Size Made Of Special Materials, Mineral And German Technology And 2 Mm Thickness. Inside 1 To 2500 Negative Ions It Helps Protect Your Brain, From The Deadly Electromagnetic Waves. There Are Many Benefits Of This Product, You Will See It Next. And Most Importantly, It Is Very Beneficial For The Human Body. Many Benefits Of Negative Ion Is Are On The Human Body, It Has Been Tested In The Scientists Of Different Countries, And The World Is Using This Mobile Phone User And Taking Advantage Of It. And This Is A German Technology That Focuses On All These Things.

Advantages of Mobile New Life Saving Patch

The New Life Saving Patch  Contains Special Materials, Minerals, And Negative Ions Made Of Advanced Technology, Due To Which It Can Reduce The Effect On Human Brain  With Electromagnetic Waves From 96.43%. New Life Saving Patch  Helps Reduce The Hitting Of The Mobile. New Life Saving Patch  Help To Increase The Mobile Battery Back Up Stand By Time. Negative Ion's Helps In Reducing Pain In The Brain. Negative Ions Can Reduce Brain Cancer Risk By Getting Mobile Radiation. Helps To Fast Charging Of Mobile. Mobile Battery Life And Service Increases From 1 To 2 Times. The . New Life Saving Patch  Contains Negative Ions From 1 To 2500, It Improves The Body's Immune System, Which Gives The Body The Ability To Fight Against Many Diseases. Its best Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment

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New Life Saving Patch Warranty

Our New Life Saving Patch will give you 2 years full replacement warranty. Life of a New Life Saving Patch is about 5 years .

Distributor Price / Cost / Price of  New Life Saving Patch

Distributor  Price Is: - 150 Rupees Including 18%GST  Maximum Sale Price: - Rs. 599 Rupees

Who Can Take The Franchise Of The New Life Saving Patch?  What Is The Criteria For That? What Documents Will It Take?

Friends of the New Life Saving Patch  can take all the citizens of the upper age group of 18 years of India. For Franchisee of the New Life Saving Patch, you should have Aadhar card and 1 current passport photo.

Company Will Provide Authorized Distributor Certificate  When Taking The New Life Guard Patch Franchisee?

Yes, The Friends Give The Authorized Distributor Certificate To You While Taking The Franchisee Of New Life Saving Patch

After Taking The Franchisee Of New Life Saving Patch,, Does The Company Give Us Some Marketing Materials?

Yes, Friends Will Give You Marketing Posters / brouchers  And Stickers While Taking A Franchisee Of New Life Saving Patch

How to Sell A New Life Saving Patch? Selling Strategy

Friends, All Of You Know That Crores Of People In India Are Using Mobile Phones, Then Selling This Product Is Not A Big Issue, The A New Life Saving Patch Can Sell This Product To All The Mobile Users. There Can Be Different Ways Of Selling The Product, Yet We Call You The Very Simple Formulas Of Product Selling. You Can Sell This Product To All Mobile Vendors Of Your District And To Mobile Dealers S And Mobile Recharge Dealers Example: In An Entire District (Including Block / Tehsil), The Average Mobile Phone Vendor / Mobile Accessories Seller And Mobile Recharge Vendor Are The Number Of All These Vendors, Which Is More Than 500, Now Let Us Add Account. Mobile Seller And Around 500 Sellers Are In Your District, Which Can Give You Tremendous Product Sales But We Go To The Entire District Just Like 100 Sellers, You Think You Gave The Product. So You Have Total 100 Mobile Phone Vendors In The District, Who Are Selling Your Product. Now A Mobile Phone Vendor Will Selling That 50 New Life Saving Patch Iwill Be Sold In 1 Month, 100 Mobile Phone Vendor X 50 Pieces (On Month) = 5000 Piece Single-Month Sealing. In The Mean Time, A Mobile Phone Vendor Will Sell 50 Pieces Even In The Month, Even If 100 Mobile Phone Vendors Will Have Minimam 5000 Life Saving Peace Cell. Now Calculate Your   Profits, Life Saving Patch Your Purchase Price Is 150 Rupees And Example You Have Profited Only 50 Rupees On One Product. Let's Go And Understand That 5000 Pieces Selling  By One Month To Multiply By 50 Rupees: - 5000 X 50 = 250,000 Rs Your Friends Will Have A Monthly Income Of 2 Lakhs Fifty Thousand Rupees. Now You Get Expenditure / Expenditure 2 Salman's Salary Will Be Rs 30000 And Marketing Expenses Will Be Rs 40,000 If You Withdraw Rs 40,000, Even Then You Can Income Of Rs 210,000 Per Month. Two Lakh Ten Thousand Per Month You Can Earn More Than Two Lakh Ten Thousand Rupees Per Month. You Can Sell This Product Home By Salesman./Agent, Dealer, Marketing Team. You Can Also Sell Your Product by Canopy In city 


How Much Invest Of Taking  Authorized Franchisee Of New Life Saving Patch

Diamond Package Invest  50,000: - All 1  District, Both Urban And Rural + CERTIFICATE  If You Want Your District's Autorized Franchisee, You Will Have To Buy Diamond Package Rs 50,000 From The Company In Which The Company Will Give You 334 Pieces Of New Life Saving Patch And You Will Get The Certificate Franchise Of Your City. Anyone Has To Do Business Or Buy A Product, Then The Company Will Give Your Name And Mobile Number .

Platinum Package Investment Rs 100000: - All 1 Metro City / Major City. In This Package, The Company Will Give You The Opportunity To Do Business In One Of The Most High-Populated Metro Cities Of Major City, Major City, Alone. You Will Work Alone, Both Urban And Rural You And I Will Get The Certificate. If You Want An Open  Franchisee Of Such A Big City, You Will Have To Buy Platinum Package 100000 From The Company In Which The Company Will Give You 667 New Life Saving Patch  And You Will Get Your City's Autorizable Franchisee Certificate. Now The Company Will Not Approve Anybody Else And Will Not Approve Anyone In Your City. And In Your District, Anyone Has To Do Business Or Buy A Product, Then The Company Will Give Your Name And Mobile Number

Trial package investments 20,000: - In This Package, The Company Will Give You A 134 Piece New Life Saving Patch  And Will Give You 15 Days To Enable You To Market The New Life-Saving Patch Product In The Market So That You Can See The Response To The Market Test. Your District Will Hold For 15 Days, Meaning No One Will Be Able To Book Your District During That 15 Days. You Will Have To Take A Proper Decision Within 15 Days And Take The Authorized Franchise From The Company. Otherwise The Company will appoint Other Any Interested Person After 15 Days Authorized Franchise In Your District

New Life Saving Patch  Ion Detector (Meter Small  White): - Of: - Rs. 6000 / -

For more information please call: - 09561405999 (09.00am to 10:00 am)

What Is The First Thing To Do With Taking The Franchisees Of The New Life Saving Patch? How To Take The Franchisee?

Friends Can Take The Franchisee Of New Life Saving Patch  In Two Ways: You Can Make An Online Payment Form Like NEFT / RTGS / Check / Deposit In The Bank, Or Else You Can Bring The Head Office Office Of The Company And You Can Pay Cash Or Online Payment Can Also Be Taken By Franchisees And Can Take The Product Along With Them.

How to make online payments / payments for  New Life Saving Patch Franchise?

To Make A Online Payment, You Will Have To Go To BUY NOW Option From The BUY NOW Option Which Is Displayed Below The Option Of Our Website, But At The Same Time You Will See Different Packages Which You Can Take By Clicking On The Package You Can Make Payments In Minutes From Our Payments Gateway, Sitting In Comfort With A Debit Card / Credit Card / Internet Banking. Or You Can Buy UPI / NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Or Check (Check In Our Company's Current Account) You Can Also Deposit Payment By UPI / NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Or Check (Only Further Processing Will Be Done On Deposit In Check Account).

What to do after paying online payment / payment of New Life Saving Patch?

If You Make Payment From The Payment Gateway On Our Website, You Will Get The Order ID From Us, We Should Do It, Or If You Pay By RTGS / NEFT / IMPS, Then You Will Get The Transaction ID / Transaction Transaction Number Or Bank You Will Receive The Receipt / Slip. We Should Try It, After Depositing The Payment From Any Medium, You Can Verify That Our Email ID: - Support@Operahitech.Com  Or Our Whotswap Number: - 09561405999, You Will Be Sent To The Company Immediately After That Contact You And The Further Process Will Start.

Full Address of Company Head Office

Opera Hi Tech Pvt Ltd, Bypass Kinhi Road Sambhaji Nagar, Karanja District - Washim, Maharashtra 444105 Telephone

07256 - 222883 10 AM TO 5 PM

For more information please call: - 09561405999 (09.00am to 10:00 am)

Thank You


Our other product introduction of the Opera Hi-tech top Digital Security

These days, we see daily, watch on television that tons of criminal incidents occur. That's why security has became concerning subject. Till now we have used CCTV but it holds a plenty of restrictions. It is functional only after criminal incident has taken place. It provides no security before the crime has happened. We've made a device which can help you forbid criminal incidents like theft, crime, fire, gas blast, park carriage theft, theft by intrusion through glass break etc. before they take place. This device is pretty inexpensive too. We also render a warranty of 12 months and free on-call support. We also give video guide and Hindi booklet which will help you with the application of this product. This tool can be installed in houses, shops, offices, hotels showrooms and other various places. So let's fail-safe your place right away. call us 07038890939 click here for more info.