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1] Top Security System. 2] Safe mobile Radiation Patch. 3] Digital body Checkers.

Details Info About Product Life Saving Patch Franchise Opportunities

Hello everyone, OPERA HI-TECH PVT LTD welcomes you. Today, we will tell you about life saving Patch which is very useful for all the mobile users. By using this tool, mobile users will be able to save themselves and their families from serious illnesses like brain tumor, cancer, and heart attack. So let's get in-depth information about this product. These days the use of mobile phones is must and is gradually increasing, and with this, the expelling of hazardous radiation from these phones is also rising up. These radiations are accountable for these grievous illnesses like brain tumors, brain cancer, and heart attacks. If you notice signs of frequent irritation, stress, headache, hair fall, loss of memory etc then you need to be chary as these signs can readily develop into brain tumor or brain cancer. Phones expel 500 Microwave radiation whereas a human brain can bear radiation up to 50 Microwave only. To entirely control these radiations, OPERA HI TECH PVT LTD has developed a nano-chip which will fit the battery with ease. By using it, the deadly radiation discharged from the mobile will be entirely controlled and you can forbid critical illnesses like brain tumor, cancer, and heart attack. Its best Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment


Benefits Of Life Saving Patch On In Daily Life.

With our Life Saving cell phone Patch, you will stay secured from critical health conditions such as brain tumor, cancer or heart attack which are engendered by dodgy mobile radiations. You will also get alleviation from conditions like insomnia, irritation, dizziness, mental stress, headache and weakened memory.  Your blood circulation will also get better. Mobile radiation is very hazardous and virulent for the human body. On making a phone call, a mobile phone releases radiation up to 500 microwave. A person's brain can bear radiations only up to 50 microwaves. Taking a note of this, we have brought this Life Saving Patch to the marketplace at a very inexpensive price which could protect all the Indians. Mobile radiation is controlled and trimmed down substantially by the Life Saving Patch. Accordant to the World Health Organization, an individual who talks daily for 30 minutes on mobile has a high chance of acquiring brain cancer. So secure your family from the fatal radiations with the help of our Life Saving Patch today.

Become a Distributor | Dealer | Seller | Retailer | Wholesaler of Life Saving Patch And Earn Rs.1 Lakh To Rs.9 Lakh Or More Per Month

Hello everyone, Opera Hi-Tech Private Limited (Indian Government Valid, ISO CERTIFIED) giving you an opportunity to become a Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler in India.This way you can earn Rs.100,000 to Rs.100,0000 which implies that you can earn guaranteed One Lakh to Ten Lakh rupees a month with ease. You'll earn 50% profit commission. You can be a Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler of Life Saving Patch of any State in India. You can earn Lacs of rupees a month by starting your own business and this is one of the best Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment currently in the marketplace. What is Life Saving Patch? Life Saving Patch product is a patch made by mixing of various metals, which can bind to the battery of the mobile phone. By this, the user can stay protected from serious illnesses like brain tumor, cancer and heart attack which are engendered by these hazardous radiations coming out of the phone. The company provides a 2-year warranty for this product. If you are interested in becoming company's Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler, then you can visit the company's head office, whereupon you can buy the Life Saving Patch product. You can get this product delivered to your coveted address by depositing more than Rs 50,000 in the bank account of the company and then placing an order. Post-payment, scan the payment proof that is the transaction id or the deposit slip and with your full name, mobile number and address, mail it on the company official email ID:

Your payment will be intently verified and your product will be sent off by Indian Speed Post within 3 office, you will be informed and consignment tracking/docket number will be sent. Within a week you will be able to set about your work. Where should a Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler sell his product? You have to sell this product to your market, at your base and follow Door to Door, Shop to Shop, Person to Person technique. Any person having a mobile is your customer. There are approximately 104 crore mobile users in India. Hence selling this Life Saving Patch is not a heavy task. Product Selling Pricing - Rs. 299 Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler Price- Rs. 150 (Profit 50%)

Distributor / Dealer / Seller / Retailer / Wholesaler Profit Calculation: - If you hire five salesman/sales girl to flog this product in the market at a product commission of Rs. 50 and a salesman/sales girl flogs 20 patches in a day, then you will produce sale of 20 x 5 = 100 products  a day, that is in a month, 3000 x 100 rupees omitting the Rs 50 commission of the salesman. This will be your monthly profit which will be Rs 3 lakh. Now you must have actualized that making 10 lakh rupees a month by following one of our Franchise Opportunities like this is pretty easy. For further questions feel free to contact us on: 09561405999

Details about how you can sell and how much you can earn. Firstly, you will hire 5 salesmen or sales girls from your area. You will find a lot of people seeking jobs by posting ads on OLX and in newspaper. After employing them, you will give them a commission of Rs. 50 on one individual product. One salesman will sell 20 pieces comfortably. Therefore, you have got the product for Rs. 150 +Rs. 50 salesman commission, it will cost you for Rs. 200 in total. Eg:- One salesman sells 20 pieces a day, then 5 salesmen sell 100 pieces in a day. Selling price is 100 pieces x300 rupees = Rs. 30,000 a day. 100 pieces x Rs.50 commission= Rs. 5000. Rs 30,000 - salesmen commission of 5000= Rs. 25000 remaining. Your product purchase price is Rs. 25000- Rs.150 x 100 = Rs. 15000 is your cost price. Rs. 25000- Rs. 15000 = Rs. 10000 is your profit for one day. Rather then selling the product for Rs. 300, if you sell it for Rs. 250 then also you will earn Rs. 5000 a day and the salesman wil earn Rs. 1000 a day. If your sale is more than 20 pieces, the income will be more. So by implementing our part time business ideas, you can make some handsome amount of money. For further inquiries, please contact:-  9561405999

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Testimonials of product Life Saving Patch

Hello, I am working as a seller of wall paints. I used to earn 80,000 a month but still wanted more. One day I came to know about dealership of Life Saving Patch. I felt that this is the perfect place to invest and I applied for the offer. Today I comfortably earn more than Rs. 3 lacs a month. Nitish Singh, Madhya Pradesh

Hello, I am working as a sales manager in a steel company. I earn Rs. 60,000 a month but they were not enough to meet my needs. My boss told me about the dealership of Life Saving Patch. I immediately ordered it and now I earn Rs. 2 Lacs or more in a month. Sharad Saini Gujarat

I was an owner of an automobile garage. I used to earn hardly Rs. 20,000 a month and was really unhappy. One of my client told me about the dealership of Life Saving Patch. I took a loan from bank and ordered it. Surprisingly now I easily earn more than 50,000 a month by just selling 20-25 patches a day. I am really happy. Mukesh Yadav Gujarat

I am working as a primary teacher. I managed to earn hardly 15,000 rupees a month. My friend told me about the dealership of this patch. I bought it and now successfully selling it. I easily make 40,000-50,000 a month. Vandana Sharma Rajasthan

I am a housewife. My husband told me about the dealership of this product. He ordered it and explained the selling procedures to me and we hired 2 salesman. Now we easily generate a passive income of 40,000. INR Ramlam Meena Haryana

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Life Saving Patch

Q:- Is this product toxic.

A:- Not at all. Our product has been carefully sterilized by developers.

Q:- Is this product reactive to heat and electricity?

A:- No, this product is completely inert to heat and electricity.

Q:- Can this product brick?

A:- No, this product is made up of premium quality metals which eliminates the chance of bricking.

Q:- Can I sell it by visiting homes?

A:- Yes, you can sell it door to door by visiting to homes.

Q:- What are the advantages of using phone using Life Saving Patch?

A:-  Life Saving Patch prevents deadly health conditions like heart attack, insomnia, irritation, etc.

Q:- How much does a Life Saving Patch cost? And how much money will the distributor get?

A:- Selling price of Life Saving Patch is Rs. 600 and distributor, wholesaler will get it for Rs. 150+ GST 28= 178

Q:- Is this company ISO certified?

A:- Yes, this company ISO certified.

Q:- After making the payment and placing the order, when will the product be delivered?

A:-  After making the payment and placing the  order, you will receive the product within 7 working days.

Q:- Is this company recognized by the Government of India?

A:- Yes, this company is recognized by the Government of India. You can see all the company's legal documents

Q:- Where is the head office of the company?

A:- The head office of the company is on Kinhi Road, Sambhaji Nagar, Karanja District, Washim, Maharashtra.

Q:-  Can I do this work while working somewhere else?

A:- Yes, after all it is a home based business idea.

Q:-How much can I earn in a  month?

A:- you will witness sales of 20-30 products a day by which can make you earn Rs. 50,000 to 90,000 a month.

Q:- Is it possible to visit the company's office?

A:- Yes, you can visit the company's head office from 11 am to 4 pm, except on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.


Our other product introduction of the Opera Hi-tech top Digital Security

These days, we see daily, watch on television that tons of criminal incidents occur. That's why security has became concerning subject. Till now we have used CCTV but it holds a plenty of restrictions. It is functional only after criminal incident has taken place. It provides no security before the crime has happened. We've made a device which can help you forbid criminal incidents like theft, crime, fire, gas blast, park carriage theft, theft by intrusion through glass break etc. before they take place. This device is pretty inexpensive too. We also render a warranty of 12 months and free on-call support. We also give video guide and Hindi booklet which will help you with the application of this product. This tool can be installed in houses, shops, offices, hotels showrooms and other various places. So let's fail-safe your place right away. call us 07038890939 click here for more info.