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Safe Traveling Device Most Profitable Franchises All Over India

Hello friends welcome to our govt reg. ISO certified company opera hi tech private limited. Today, the company is providing you the chance to take the franchise of safe traveling device  at the district level in the whole of India for India. By which you can earn more than rs 3 lakh per month or more, that too in very little investment. No compactor, crores of customer, hi demand, all kinds of four wheeler and commercial pick up vehicle  many more essential products come to know about full business

Safe Traveling Device Product Introduction

Safe traveling device [tck] is an electronic wireless system designed to monitor the air pressure and monitor the tyre temperature for all kind of four wheeler vehicles. Safe traveling device gives real time tire pressure and temperature information to the driver. Tires nano technology sends update data to host / panel every 2 seconds.

How Does The Safe Traveling Device Work?

Safe traveling device [tck] is an electronic wireless system that monitors your vehicle's tire temperature and air pressure and warns you before the accident. The safe traveling device tire nano device that is engaged in the wheel, measures the air pressure in each wheel. When the air pressure goes below the fixed limit level, the sensor immediately gives the information to the host / panel in your car and triggers the indicator light of the host / panel on your dashboard and the alarm also triggers it. You become alert immediately. Safe traveling device tire nano device also work with the anti lock breaking system (abs) found in your car. If a tire pressure is low, then it gives the information of a different wheel compared to the other tires, the host / panel on the car's dashboard. The panel indicator triggers the light and also beep.

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What Are The Benefits Of Safe Traveling Device?

According to a government survey, 40% of road accidents happen in india due to the tires of vehicles. For this reason, it is very essential for safe traveling device road. Safe traveling device [tck] keeps an eye on your tires’ air pressure and temperature. As soon as the air pressure of tires starts to fall below the fixed limit or the temperature of the tires starts increasing, the tires peaked nano devices immediately informs the host / panel on your dashboard the indicator light appears in the panel and the panel also beep. With this you become alert immediately. And the accident incidents can be stopped. Safe traveling device maintains good pressure in tires, fuel is used less than this. All tires nano devices of safe traveling device inform the host / panel on your dashboard every two seconds, about the status of tires because of the safe traveling device you do not need to check every time you kneel down the tires with your hands or gauges. Safe traveling device works on all 4 wheeler vehicles that have psi (pounds per square inch) up to 50. All tires of safe traveling device are nano devices rust proof, dust proof, and water proof. Nano devices of all the tires of safe traveling device are high frequency, this is the exact thing taken. Safe traveling device [tck] can save you and your family from the accident caused by road tires.

Which Vehicles Work With This Device? Also Feature?

Safe traveling device [tck] will work on all types of cars and commercial four wheeler like mahindra pickup, tata (ace) tata xenon yodha pickup, all types of four wheeler pickup vehicles. Feature:- Host panel's lcd color screen, all tire nano devices  is water proof, dust proof, rust proof, low battery conservation and high temperature protection; tire pressure in the host panel and temperature of the tire simultaneously show on the screen, host monitoring range air pressure 0 to 3.5 times 50 psi, battery life of tire nano device is about 2 years, host / panel is USB charging interface and also solar charging interface. auto sleeping time 5 minutes.

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Q. Safe traveling device [tck] warranty?

A. Safe traveling device have a 1 year limited warranty

Q. How to sell safe traveling device? Selling strategy?

A. Safe traveling device you can sell car accessories car decor center, you can sell car alignment balancing center, you can sell car oil and auto parts shop, you can also sell safe travel device through salesman and agent as commission base and many more way to sell this device

Q. Who can take the franchisee of safe traveling device? What documents will it take?

A. Safe traveling device anyone resident in India who can work with a person more than 18 years old can work with the business. You must have aadhar card

Q. After taking the franchisee of safe travel device does the company gives any authorized certificates?

A. Yes, safe traveling device will make the company's authorized seller / distributor certificate by taking the franchisee

Q. After taking the franchisee of safe traveling device. Does the company give us some marketing materials?

A. Yes if you take to safe traveling device franchisee, the company will give you digital pamphlets and soft copy of digital pamphlets.

Q. Security deposit and fees for safe traveling device to get the authorized franchise?

A. There are no security deposits or fees for taking the franchisee of safe traveling device.

Q. How much investment to take the authorized franchise of safe traveling device?

A. Your investment for taking the franchisee of safe traveling device will be INR 1 lakh or INR 3 lakh, it will be fearless that your district town is a metropolitan or a normal district, on top of that, the company will give you full product / stock as much as you invest.

Q. How many people can get in the official franchisee district and metropolis of safe traveling device?

A. Only one person can get the official franchisee in district and metro city

Q. How to take the franchisee of safe traveling device first of all?

A. From the whole of India, you can book the safe traveling device franchisee, you will only have to pay a from our company current account by CHEQUE, RTGS, NEFT, after which you will l call us to inform the company, your payment will promptly confirm and we will send you consignment with your product marketing materials, through Indian speed ​​post. You will be able to track your parcel on your own online,

Q. How to make online payment for taking the franchisee of safe traveling device?

A. You can also pay by an official payment gateway by clicking on buy now from our website menu bar.

Q. What to do after making online payment / payment of safe traveling device franchisee?

A. After making online payment, you call us or the company will call you immediately.

Answer Questions About Safe Traveling Device

Q. Will this tire nano device work in water

A. Yes, this tire nano device can also run in water

Q. Do they work in all types of 4 wheel vehicles?

A. Yes it will definitely work with all 4 wheeler vehicles

Q. Can tire nano device battery be changed?

A. Yes, the battery of the tire nano device can be changed.

Q. Do we have to remove the tire nano device before winding in the case of puncture?

A. Yes, the tire nano device will need to be removed before air is inserted in the case of puncture.

Q. Does safe traveling device [tck] look pressure in psi?

A. Yes safe travel device appears in psi.

Q. If a tire nano device is lost, will i have to buy the full 1 set again or buy a single tire nano device only?

A. You do not need to buy the entire set. You can buy us only 1 tire nano device.

Q. What temperature does this tire nano device show, the tire's internal air temperature or ambient temperature?

A. It shows the tire's internal air temperature.

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